Bonded Fillings in Kanata Ontario

At Kanata Lakes Dental Centre, we are always looking for ways to improve our dental care and offer you the highest standard of service. One way in which we have achieved this is by offering our patients tooth-colored composite restorations (or bonded white fillings) to treat dental problems, using modern resin materials that have become the standard for modern dentistry. These composite restorations can treat a variety of dental issues, such as decay, chips, wear, caries and other damage. They are an essential part of cosmetic dentistry, and one of the most useful tools in an emergency corrective procedure.
Composite restorations are made of a strong, tough composite resin that bonds to your teeth to strengthen and improve their overall structure. And unlike metal or amalgam fillings, these bonded white fillings look completely natural since they are made to match the shade of your teeth’s appearance. They contain no harmful materials like mercury, they will be very hard to notice by others, and they can be bonded to your teeth in very little time. To do this, we use ultraviolet light to cements the filling onto the tooth. We also offer other materials with no harmful components, like silver, gold or porcelain. We will explain the benefits of each and make sure you feel comfortable with your choice.

Besides being highly durable and natural looking, composite restorations can be placed in a single appointment. This allows you to achieve a healthier smile on the same day. We will show you how to care for the filling so that it lasts for a long time.
If you’re suffering from dental issues like chips, cracks or cavities, contact our practice in Kanata to learn more about bonded white fillings today. Kanata Lakes Dental Centre welcomes new and returning patients of all ages!