Dental Bridges in Kanata Ontario

If you’re looking for a semi-permanent solution to replace missing teeth, a dental bridge may be right for you. At Kanata Lakes Dental, we can guide you through every step of the process to make sure you understand our recommendations and are confident in the results. A dental bridge is a type of cosmetic dental restoration that uses an artificial tooth to replace the gap left by missing teeth. A tooth may need to be extracted for a number of reasons, like decay, accidental damage or an impacted wisdom tooth, and there is no reason to keep a gap is your smile once a tooth is extracted. The restoration stays in place by using adjacent teeth or an implant to stay in place, depending on what type of bridge or restoration best fits your needs. Once placed, a dental bridge stays firmly in place and will not move around unlike conventional dentures, providing you a new chewing surface.

A dental bridge is made of high-quality porcelain material which makes it strong, tough, and aesthetically pleasing. The dental restoration stabilizes adjacent teeth and prevents shifting or misalignment. As a result, the bridge will help to strengthen your overall bite while drastically improving the appearance of your smile. With a renewed chewing surface you can enjoy chewing and speaking comfortably for a long time, provided you give the bridge proper care.
An implant supported bridge employs a titanium anchor implant to lend a custom made crown support, essentially making it your new tooth. It can only be removed by the dentist should it requires maintenance, which can be done during routine checkups. With good oral care, the bridge should last for a long time. With careful diagnosis and the benefit of our experience, we will be able to recommend the best solution to your missing tooth.
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