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Gingival Grafting Kanata – Dentist in Kanata – Kanata Lakes Dental

The gingival Grafting process is commonly used to treat gingival recession (receding gums).

Gingival recession can be caused by genetic factors, hormonal changes, aggressive brushing habits, or gum disease.

The process is often slow and gradual and may go unnoticed in the initial phases. However, eventually, patients notice that the roots of their teeth look exposed, and they experience sensitivity while eating hot or cold foods.

This process weakens the structure of the teeth and provides an ideal place for the bacteria to develop, leading to further complications.

Gingival Grafting Treatment in Kanata for a Confident Smile

We know that we can provide relief and restore your healthy and confident smile again. We make sure that the process is as quick and as comfortable as possible for you.

The procedure itself involves grafting tissue from the palate, placing it over the exposed roots, and attaching it to the gums.

The use of anesthetics makes the process a breeze. With a few precautions and proper follow-up care, you will be able to resume your normal diet and dental care hygiene in just a few weeks.

If you think that this is an issue that you would like to address, our dentists would be happy to explain the procedure to you in more detail. We will give our full support and guidance throughout the entire process and help you to quickly resume your normal life. Call us today!

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