Orthodontics & Orthopedics in Kanata Ontario

Orthodontics are at the core of dentistry, the central set of treatments that aim to correct common issues like tooth misalignment that can occur over time with things like poor tongue placement. Orthopedics, in contrast, is used in the case of younger patients. Children, whose teeth and jaw are still developing, can benefit greatly from preventative measures to correct future issues. Corrective braces, for example, is a common treatment to correct misalignment. Splints, retainers and other devices are also great options to correct and prevent.


Orthopedics is often the first step in orthodontic treatment. It uses short-term oral appliances, like retainers, to promote healthy development in the facial muscles, teeth, and jaw. Orthopedics can help to prevent negative future outcomes, such as teeth overcrowding, bite problems, misalignment and TMJ from developing later in life.


While orthopedics are usually focused on the early stages of muscle development, orthodontics is more intensive and can require more complex procedures to correct issues that are already present. Braces, for example, are attached to the patient’s teeth and adjusted over time to guide and shift the teeth into ideal alignment.


Many adults will prefer more discreet treatments like invisible braces which are very hard to notice, can be removed for eating and cleaning, and do not require regular visits for realignment. Instead, Invisalign invisible braces employs a set of plastic retainers that are replaced every 3-6 months. Orthodontic treatment is often longer than orthopedics and can last for several years, depending on your needs. The dental team at Kanata Lakes Dental Centre will work with you and your whole family to achieve a picture perfect smile and lasting oral health.

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