Orthodontics & Orthopedics in Kanata Ontario

Orthodontic treatments aim to correct tooth misalignment, mostly in younger patients like children, whose teeth and bones are still developing. However, adults can still receive orthodontic treatment as well. Orthopedics is often the first step in orthodontic treatment which uses short-term oral appliances, like retainers, to promote healthy facial, tooth, and jaw bone growth. Orthopedics can help to prevent negative future outcomes, such as tooth overcrowding, bite problems, and TMJ, from taking place and help to promote a healthy smile.

Following orthopedics is orthodontics, which is more intensive and requires the patient to wear invisible braces. Braces are attached to the patient’s teeth which give the dentist greater control to shift the teeth into perfect alignment. Orthodontic treatment is often longer than orthopedics and can last for several years. The dental team at Kanata Lakes Dental Centre will work with you and your child so they can achieve a picture perfect smile. Contact our practice in Kanata at 613-270-9600 to set up an appointment today.