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Porcelain Inlays/Onlays – Kanata Dentist – Kanata Lakes Dental

Porcelain inlays and Onlays can be used to repair teeth showing mild to moderate decay. Just like traditional fillings, inlays and Onlays repair tooth damage, minimize further damage and fully restore your chewing function and efficiency.

These two restorations have some important advantages over the traditional fillings, but they are certainly not always the best and the only solution. It is an option to keep in mind whenever you make an appointment with us for tooth restoration.

Porcelain Inlays/Onlays in Kanata

The difference between inlays and Onlays lies in their shape and their location. Inlays restore the flat inside surface in between the tooth’s cusps (corners), while onlays rebuild and replace one or more of those cusps.

Historically, inlays and onlays were made of gold but today most patients opt for a more natural-looking solution. Porcelain inlays and Onlays can be made to perfectly match the natural shade of your teeth, thus making them virtually invisible. Unlike traditional fillings, these restorations are designed and crafted in a dental laboratory which means that the restoration requires two office visits. The compensation for this small inconvenience is a great look and a great fit. Compared to regular fillings, inlays and onlays tend to be more durable and their better fit offers better protection against recurrent decay.

Will a porcelain inlay/Onlay treatment be right for you? Call us for a consultation.

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