Root Canal Therapy in Kanata Ontario

Root canal therapy is a common procedure that is performed to save a dying tooth. A root canal removes the infected or damaged dental pulp from the inside of a tooth. A healthy dental pulp provides vital nerves to your tooth’s structure; however, if it becomes damaged, such as from decay or an injury, the dental pulp can harm your tooth’s wellbeing. As a result, a root canal removes the dental pulp before it can cause any damage to your tooth’s structure.

Once it is removed, the inner pulp chamber of your tooth is cleaned and the tooth is refilled with dental material. A crown is then adhered to the tooth to keep it strong and protect it. During your root canal, you’ll be given an anesthetic and/or sedation so that you will remain completely comfortable. The dental team at Kanata Lakes Dental Centre has performed many successful root canals over the years so you can rest assured you’ll be in good hands. Contact our practice at 613-270-9600 to speak with us today. We serve the Kanata, Stittsville, and surrounding areas, so we'll be glad to improve your smile's health.