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Root Canal Therapy Kanata – Kanata Dentist – Kanata Lakes Dental

Kanata Lakes Dental Centre has performed scores of root canal treatments over the last two decades. It is one of the most commonly performed and effective restoration techniques in the dental industry.

Whenever a tooth becomes severely damaged due to injury, decay, or disease, the condition may cause sensitivity, pain, fever, infection, inflammation, etc. Root canal therapy may be required to save and preserve the compromised tooth. During this procedure, the pulp (nerve) tissue is completely removed and the tooth canals are thoroughly cleaned to stop the infection. Once this is done, the canals are filled with a sealer paste and a rubber compound to strengthen the integrity of the remaining tooth structure. However, even with this reinforcement, the tooth remains more brittle and needs to be protected and restored as soon as possible. The most common prosthetic restoration used is a dental crown.

Root canal therapy is performed using local anesthetics. Mild sedative can be added for those who need a little extra help and reassurance to feel comfortable throughout the procedure.

If you are currently experiencing frequent dental pain and discomfort, you may need root canal therapy as soon as possible. Call us today!

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