Sedation Dentistry in Kanata Ontario

If you get anxious or scared about your dental checkup, or pain is keeping you from visiting the dentist, you can rest easy with sedation dentistry. We use a number of sedation methods to ensure you experience no pain during your procedure. Dental sedation may also be appropriate for patients who are extremely anxious or fearful about seeing the dentist, allowing some conditions to go untreated. It may also be suitable for patients who require oral surgery or who need more than one treatment during the same appointment.


Depending on your health and needs, we may recommend a specific type of dental sedation to keep you comfortable. Some health conditions, such as cardiac disease, hypertension and diabetes may require other methods or a doctor’s clearance.


Sleep dentistry usually consists of:


Nitrous oxide, known as laughing gas, is the most common type of sedation. It is highly effective at relieving pain, and will help you let go of anxiety during your procedure. It is administered through a gas mask and puts you in a relaxed but conscious state.


Oral sedation is usually administered through some kind of pill or liquid prior to the procedure. This will put you in a comfortable relaxed state. It is usually used with nitrous oxide to reduce anxiety.



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