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Every year, Kanata Lake Dental Centre receives countless requests for our teeth whitening services. This is not at all surprising since everybody wants to have sparkling white teeth and a beautiful confident smile.

Ageing, smoking, drinks like red wine, coffee or tea, and certain foods can significantly stain our teeth. These stains cannot be removed by simple tooth brushing.

Our Kanata dentists can help you achieve not only good oral health but also achieve a dazzling smile. Regular visits to our Kanata Dental Centre will keep your teeth healthy and your smile beautiful.

Get Whiter Teeth

Our Kanata dentists offer teeth whitening treatments that cannot be matched by traditional whitening products or teeth-whitening kits available at stores.  These products can help only if your teeth are very mildly stained. Deep and persistent stains require professional treatment.

You can choose our in-office whitening treatment or get our take-home teeth whitening kit. If you decide to get whitening done in our clinic, we will apply a “cleansing” gel containing several active ingredients onto your teeth. This gel will lift surface stains from your teeth in about 15 minutes. The process is repeated until we achieve the optimal shade of white.

If you choose the take-home kit, our Kanata dentists will provide you with whitening gel and a set of custom-made trays, along with the proper instructions for their use. With regular use over several days, your teeth will soon acquire the desired white shade.

Call us to learn more about our Kanata teeth whitening services.

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